Bikini Babes at Google Demo Remind Us Why Silicon Valley Is for Dudes

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While watching the Google keynote today, the Nexus 7 tablet demonstration reminded us why some women find Silicon Valley so alienating. During a demonstration of the tablet's magazine reader, Google opted to show a Nexus edition of Shape, a publication for women that often has fit bikini models on its cover. As the shot focused on this month's cover model, actress Malin Akerman (right), followed by that cleavage shot up there of another good looking woman in tight clothing, parts of the male heavy audience whistled, confirming every stereotype of the frat boys in geek's clothing we've come to be familiar with during the Web 2.0 bubble.

What was most disappointing here is that Google clearly chose that magazine to get that reaction in the first place. As for the developers who whistled? We hope they enjoy all the intimacy and companionship their new gadgets will enable them, because no real women will respond to such boorish behavior. We understand it feels like a dorky frat in there, with so few females present to make it feel otherwise, as The New York Times' Nick Bilton noted on Twitter, but that's the kind of stuff that gives outsiders the impression that Brogrammer culture not only exists, but isn't going anywhere.

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