Android Users Have Large Heads

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People who own iPhones are "in a cult." Android users have "slightly larger than average heads." These were some of the assumptions explored by Queena Kim in a segment that aired Monday on American Public Media's Marketplace. Kim "went out to observe the warring tribes in their urban habitat," street-interviewing evangelists for both phones in Berkeley, California. Here are some of their conclusions.

iPhone users:

  • "Act like they are in a cult"
  • Have romantic relationships with their phones
  • Are more likely to be "27-year-old, beautiful, super-stylish" girls who are "sitting by the pool in Palm Springs"
  • Are less politically Conservative than Droid users

Android users are:

  • "Not cool"
  • Less affluent than iPhone users
  • Men, more than women
  • Teenage boys who live in T-shirts and jeans
  • More likely to live in "Muncie, Indiana," or other parts of America's "heartland" than iPhone users
  • People who have "a slightly larger than average head"

Add your own assumptions in the comments. And please include the relative size of your head, so we know which side you're on. 

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