All the Possible Tablets Google Will Unveil This Week

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At this week's Google developers conference, which begins today and goes through Friday in San Francisco, the company will for sure release a tablet, but exactly what that tablet will look like is less certain. Though nothing in the world of gadget releases is certain, an executive from Asustek, a Taiwanese computer maker, confirmed to Reuters' Clare Jim that Google will unveil a co-branded tablet with Asustek "soon."

Beyond confirmation of the thing's existence, that executive didn't give many other details about how the tablet will look. Lucky for us we have the tech rumor mill to key us in. Let's see what they have to say.

  • Google will release a $200 tablet, say Bloomberg's Brian Womack, Tim Culpan and Ian King
  • It will be 7-inches, again from Bloomberg.
  • The device will be "media streaming," according to The Wall Street Journal's Amir Efrati.
  • At that price, size and with a focus on "media," the tablet will compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire, say both WSJ and Reuters.
  • No, it will compete with Apple's iPad, counters Bloomberg.
  • And, actually it will come in two sizes, with the 8GB costing $200 and 16GB version priced at $249, say the folks over at Gizmodo Australia, who got their hands on what they say is the real deal.
  • They also say it will run Android's latest operating system, Jellybean.
  • Like the Microsoft Surface tablet, it will have one of those fancy (and fast) Nvidia processors.

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As the conference lasts a full two days, we will see other announcements besides this tablet thing from Google. Here's what our rumormongers have to say about that:

  • Google might release that media device it talked up a few months ago.
  • It will let its developers create Google+ and Google Wallet apps
  • It will offer server storage, like Amazon.
  • We might also see some new Chromebooks.

Soon enough we'll know the truths of this developers conference. Until then, these rumors will have to satiate our burning desire to know.

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