All The Ways Apple Will Jab Google Today at the WWDC

Following Google's announcement of its enhanced maps last week, we expect Tim Cook will counter-back during his keynote today at the World Wide Developers Conference.

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Following Google's announcement of its enhanced maps last week, we expect Tim Cook will counter-back during his keynote today at the World Wide Developers Conference. At the very least, we know Cook will talk up something maps related, since the word is that Apple will dump Google Maps on the iPhone, replacing it with its own service. But, we expect more sparring than that. Since Apple is hush as usual, we don't know the exact details of today's event. Luckily, we have our rumor mongers to count on. Looking at the whisperings going around the tech blogs, some of Apple's expected announements seem more antagonistic to Google than others. Let's take a look.

iOS 6

What to expect: Here's where the rumor mongers expect Apple will go after Google's maps. Last week, Google announced offline mode and 3D addition to its Maps. To ensure it too has the gimmick, Apple is expected to offer another dimension to maps, after buying up C3 Technologies, a company that specializes in 3D map renderings. Along with the maps update, The Wall Street Journal's Jessica Vascellaro expects updates to Apple's iCloud, adding better photo sharing capabilities and Facebook integration.

Hostility Ranking: The most hostile ever. Apple reportedly already has its own mapping techenology geared up. Nothing stings more than seeing an old lover with a fancy new girlfriend right after a big breakup. And that Facebook integration sure hurts Google's aggressive Google+ onslught.

Likelihood: High. Apple announced updates to its iOS at last year's WWDC. And last week it put up an iOS 6 banner at the conference center hosting the event, notes The Wall Street Journal's Jessica Vascellaro. Plus, how else would it one-up Google's Maps announcement?

Apple TV

What to expect: Though Foxconn maybe started making some sort of Apple TV set, it doesn't look like Apple will announce an actual device. But, Apple will make some software updates, expects The Guardian's Charles Arther. "What sounds entirely right, though, is that developers will be able to write apps that will bring games and other forms of content to the £99 set-top box that has picked up in sales recently," he writes.

Hostility Ranking: Highly hostile. Google has tried and failed and is trying again to win the TV market. The world, however, expects Apple will be the one to release the industry-changing product, since it has done this sort of thing before with the iPod. Though adding more apps isn't the revolutionary cord cutting set of the future, it shows Google it's in the TV game, too.

Likelihood: Medium. The TV rumors have been uncontrollable for some time. Cook gave the rumor mongers more to chew on when he told us to "we're not a hobby kind of company" while discussing TV, during the AllThingsD conference.

MacBook Updates

What to expect: Many say (and hope) Apple will announce a new line of hardware, including new MacBook pros and MacBook Airs. There are also rumors that Apple will update its regular, non-laptop Mac Pro, series. Those updates include faster insides, with Intel Ivy Bridge processors, as well as a nicer look with that pretty retina display everyone loves on the iPad so much, for the MacBook. And, as for the Air, a faster, bigger model with more RAM.

Hostility Ranking: Medium-Low. Google isn't really in the laptop market. It did just put out a new Chromebook, but with low sales can we really count that as Apple competition?

Likelihood: High, mostly. Apple will most likely release some sort of update to its MacBook pros because developers and consumers like it, its supplies are running low, it has done this before, and the Intel Ivy Bridge just came out, as Jesus Diaz reasons over at Gizmodo. All signs point to a new line. What exactly they will look or fun like is another question.

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