The Mystery of the 'Free Puppies!' Scam

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Thanks to the 100+ people who have written in to speculate on the economic rationale behind the oddball "Free Bulldog Puppies" scam email I mentioned a few days ago.

I'm sure I know what the answer is now. I am also sure -- and this will come as a relief to 20 or 30 people who wrote in -- that the real explanation has nothing to do with actual PETA-disapproved puppy mills, where dogs are mass-produced and mistreated. And as soon as I have the brainspace to organize sample responses, I'll lay out the different hypotheses and explain why the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of one of them rather than the others.

In the meantime, if you get a message like the one I received, you'd be better off not replying to it. Thanks to all for the crowdsourced results.