Steve Jobs' Last Wishes

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Without Steve Jobs here to defend himself, we're seeing a lot of talk about the visionary's last wishes -- the final visions in that brain that the Apple founder never saw to completion. The man was a genius, so it's no surprise he had a lot of ideas bouncing around in there. But even if he may have said some off handed things for ideas, as any creative-type knows, a lot of brainchildren are never born. Let's take a look at how Steve Jobs' last wishes are coming along.

Vision: Bigger iPhone Screen

Evidence: Following the rumors floating around that Apple's planning a 4 inch iPhone screen, a half inch upgrade from its 3.5 model. Bloomberg has a report perpetuating this rumor saying Steve Jobs wanted it that way. "Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had worked closely on the redesigned phone before his death in October" an anonymous source told Bloomberg's Adam Satariano and Jun Yang.

Likelihood: This rumor has seen wide circulation, with The Wall Street Journal even going with it. As the last iPhone and iPad releases prove, rumors, especially on product design are not to be trusted. But, as The Atlantic Wire's Adam Clark Estes notes, if Apple's trying to compete with other smartphones, it might want to increase the size to compete with the bigger Android offerings.

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Vision: iCar

Evidence: An Apple board member says so. "Look at the car industry; it's a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?" Mickey Drexler, the CEO of JCrew and a board member said at a Fast Company conference. "Steve's dream before he died was to design an iCar."

Likelihood: Not at all. Because an Apple board member says so. "He never did design it," added Drexler. Also, cars are a bit out of Apple's purview. The company thus far has focused on living room things. The garage doesn't quite fit.

Vision: Apple TV

Evidence: This is an oldie but goodie. It's all based on this quote from Walter Issacson's biography of the late-CEO. "I'd like to create an integrated television set," Jobs told Issacson. "It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud... It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it."

Likelihood: We don't know if this TV will have cracked the streaming TV predicament until it comes out. And even though the Foxconn CEO did not say that its preparing for iTV, this feels like the most inevitable of his dreams to come true. The rumor mill at least thinks it's going to happen. Plus that board member, Drexler, kind of made it seem like Apple's making something TV-esque. "You know, Apple has 10 products," he said. "The living room they're dealing with at some point in the near future." 

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