Shafted Facebook Founder Is Living Like a Kardashian in Singapore

Eduardo Savarin, the shafted founder of Facebook we all got to know via Andrew Garfield's portrayal in The Social Network, is living quite the lavish life as a pseudo-celebrity in Singapore.

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Eduardo Savarin, the shafted founder of Facebook we all got to know via Andrew Garfield's portrayal in The Social Network, is living quite the lavish life as a pseudo-celebrity in Singapore. The Wall Street Journal's Shibani Mahtani explains: Though Saverin may not have gotten what he deserves (and maybe he did) after helping Mark Zuckerberg found the now very valuable social network, he still owns two percent of the social network, making him a billionaire. He has taken all that money and now resides in Singapore, where he apparently lives like a Kardashian, as Mahtani puts it, using that exact celbutant comparison. Being rich is different than living like a famous "celebrity;" but a little Internet digging has confirmed that the comparison is indeed apt.

He Parties Like a Kardashian

If you've watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know that a lot of the socializing happens in those laser-filled nightclubs offering bottle service. Local press reports, says Mahtani, have called Saverin one of "Singapore's hottest partygoers." He frequents a spot called The Butter Factory, wrote TechCrunch's Sara Lacy in October 2010; Lacy got her information from locals. (To give you an idea of what goes on there, that club will soon host a party called the "rave-o-lution.") Backing up this report of Kardashian-esque behavior is a New York Post account of Saverin's New Years Eve night. "Eduardo Saverin started his holiday celebrations early," begins the item from Page Six dated December 30. "With a bevy of beauties and friends and racking up an eye-watering $50,000 bar tab. Saverin, estimated to be worth $2.75 billion, ordered a 6-liter bottle of Belvedere and 20 magnums of Cristal Champagne, according to spies," the item continues. That's just on one occasion, the night before the actual biggest party night of the year.

He Has Friends Like a Kardashian

Pseudo famous people are always friends (or "friends") with other slightly more or slightly less famous people. Kim Kardashian, for example, pals around with Brittny Gastineau, another kind of sort of famous socialite, who had a reality show on E! called The Gastineau Girls. Kim's birthday party also drew people like the pop singer Pink and the former 98 Degrees hearththrob, now kind of still famous reality star, Nick Lachey. Saverin, too, has these kinds of friends. An episode of Millennials, pictured at right—a Singapore-based show that features representatives of that important generation—informs us that Saverin and Rachel Kum, the 2009 winner of Miss Singapore Universe are friends.

He Gets Stalked like a Kardashian

Just like the Kardashian's have ravenous Internet fans, so does Saverin. From Mahtani: "Local websites have set up forums with threads entitled 'Where does one meet Eduardo Saverin in Singapore?' while bloggers and journalists have written lengthy posts after spending mere seconds with the billionaire."

He Lives Like a Kardashian

The Kardashian family has multiple lavish homes and, when traveling, stay in luxurious accommodations. Kim has a $4.8 million dollar home, according to The Daily Mail. When Kourtney and Kim "took New York," they rented a penthouse suite at the Smyth TriBeCa hotel priced at $4.995 million, according to the New York Observer. Saverin, too, lives large. "I’m told he lives in the penthouse of the tallest building of the city," writes Lacy. He also drives a Bentley, says Mahtani.

Hey, maybe it's not so bad to be the reject co-founder of Facebook, after all.

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