Live Out Your Synth Pop Dreams with Google's Moog Doodle

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Every now and again Google's homepage Doodle rises above the level of novelty, and the fully functional Moog synthesizer they have planned for tomorrow, is certainly one of the more notable in recent memory. The synthesizer is already live on homepages across the Pacific, and it's worth admiring the sheer hustle they put into creating it. 

The Google Doodle is the little customization Google often puts on its homepage to celebrate various occasions. Tomorrow, Google is celebrating Robert Moog, creator of a modern synthesizer, whose 78th birthday would have been Wednesday, according to The Next Web. The synthesizer has a keyboard you can play with your mouse as well as oscillators, filters, and a mixer, and you can record and send people your creations. Not since their (faux-controversial) Valentine's day animation have we been this impressed. Definitely worth a look over on Japan's homepage before it goes live in the U.S. 

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