Follow If You Dare: Live Tweeting a Brain Tumor Removal

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Happening today is a convergence of medicine, technology, social media and a testament ... oh nevermind. You know what? Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital is live-tweeting a brain surgery this morning. Amazing? Gross? Cool? Full disclosure: Your blogger skews both squeamish and nosy, so he'll be tuning into at least a few of the tweets. 

According to their official Twitter feed, the hospital will be pulling "back the curtain on a brain tumor resection, one of the more common types of brain surgeries." And along with answers to Tweeters' questions about brain surgery, tumors, the entire process, they've even issued a helpful warning for the squeamish (yes, there will be video). 

For the play-by-play head on over to Memorial Hermann Hospital's Twitter Feed. And, since no one—not even a brain tumor—has just one social media outlet, images will also make their way to Pinterest.


Photos via Memorial Hermann, and Rido via Shutterstock

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