Spotify Just Got More Addictive

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With the launch of a new "Play Button" feature, Spotify's streaming music service will soon live not only in its iTunes-like app but also comfortably on any website on the Internet. Launch partners range from news sites like The Huffington Post to blogging platforms like Tumblr, and the button itself works pretty much just like an embedded video, though you do need the Spotify software to make the songs play. 

Spotify wants more users. So far the streaming music service has leaned hard on its close relationship with Facebook to tease people into using its app over very similar competitors like Mog and Rhapsody. As Facebook continues to loop its tentacles through the Web and buy up big services -- Facebook now owns Instagram in case you hadn't heard -- Spotify looks like its trying to differentiate itself. The Play Button is, in some regards, pretty unique. It's more fun to press than a Like button because it, as the name implies, plays music. If you don't have Spotify, pressing the Play Button will prompt you to download it for free. Once the embedded song is finished playing, Spotify's artificially intelligent DJ takes over and plays similar music. The upside for Spotify, however, is that they maintain the right to control the ads that the Play Button widget spits out.

So far everybody seems stoked. Arianna Huffington blogged about the new feature and embedded a playlist. Tumblr's staff announced the new feature on their platform with a playlist as well. And we, well, we just couldn't help it. Here's something to help get your day going. 

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