Sorry, Mum: 1 in 10 U.K. Sexts Are Sent to Wrong Phone Numbers

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Reason No. 453 to never ever ever! send a sext? There's a significant chance that you'll end up sending your sexplicit message to the wrong person.

According to Recombu, a news site dedicated to mobile, 11 percent of all British people have sent a sext intended for a "significant other" to the wrong person. Hopefully, this didn't happen because these people were dating anyone with a name too close to their mum's or dad's, or for some other terrible Freudian reason. In total, 47 percent of the 2,000 adults surveyed said they've sexted before, and by our reading, men seem to be particularly bad at it. Even though women tend to sext slightly more, 16 percent of sexting men err in who they send their texts to, compared to only 8 percent of women. Men are also more prone to sext someone who's not their partner and twice as likely to get caught cheating by sext.

But taking a step back, who's doing all this sexting anyways? 47 percent of adults? We had no idea so much filth was flying over our heads cell to cell. We'd like to assume it's a British phenomenon; mistaken sexts, in fact, turn out to be perfect grist for a that wonderful UK content mill, The Daily Mail. Why is there so much sexting? Who knows, but the survey also revealed that 12 percent of respondents find it easier to sext than to flirt in person. There goes technology ruining everything again.

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