Photo Highlights of the Discovery Shuttle's Tour of Washington DC

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This morning Washington D.C. residents watched the soon to be retired Discovery shuttle on its planned tour of the city before its final flight to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Virginia annex, where it will sit on display. NASA and the Smithsonian did not release the detailed flight plan for security reasons, explains The Washington Postwhich posted some good viewing spots for catching the shuttle as it paraded around on a 747's back. 

We here at The Atlantic Wire actually got a pretty pimp view from the Watergate's rooftop. But for the rest of you unlucky office workers stuck in far away cubes, the Internet (and instagram) chronicled the good stuff:

Crowds gathered for the excitement around 10 a.m. EST, an astronaut even showed up on the mall.

Here's a group watching from CAIR national via the CAIR twitter feed

The plane made some photogenic passes by DC's most notable landmarks, including the White House. We came across this nice shot from The Atlantic's Jordan Weissman

Here's one a bit further back, and fuzzier from Twitter user Rich Prisinzano.

It also flew right over Washington monument for this photo which National Journal's Rebecca Kaplan has deemed "the coolest" of all the shuttle photos, taken by the New York Times'  Doug Mills

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Here's another nice Washington monument photo op, by @dcjoe11.

Like we we said, the Watergate worker bees also got a nice view of the plane as it flew over the Potomac from Virginia. We get this one via The Atlantic's Eleanor Barkhorn.

And here's just a crisp close up of the Shuttle on top of the plane from @kevinkol, which many have pointed out looks a lot like that Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover from a few weeks ago.

At 11:00 a.m. Discovery made its final landing at Dulles airport, ending the shuttle's very last flight. 

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