Instagram Snobs Now Have to Tolerate Android Users

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The super-duper popular iPhone app Instagram, which adds filters to regular pictures, making them look retro and ready for sharing, has finally made it to Android phones. The app already has over 30 million users on its iOS only app and that number's about to get a lot bigger now that the start-up has developed an Android compatible version.

Overall, iPhone users seem okay with the expansion. "I’m excited to have my Android user friends included. Finally," said TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis. But, a snob backlash wouldn't surprise us. When Facebook announced plans to add a series of photo filters like Instagram's, app loyalists weren't having it.  "As I see it, though, photo filters have moved from clever to cliche. The novelty has worn off, and novelty was the main reason to do it in the first place," argued CNET's Steven Shankland, at the time. But this insta-artisy photo craze seems to have gone way beyond the novelty phase. The app has gone from 5 to 30 million users in the last 10 months -- more people want to get in on it, apparently, and now they can.

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