Gmail Trickles Back After Outage

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Maybe Gmail's stronger in Google headquarters and that's why it came late to the news that the service isn't working right for some users. So far there's no word on Google's official blog or its Gmail blog as to why many of its users are getting error messages when they try to log into their accounts, but based on the complaints people are vehemently sharing on Twitter,  a lot of folks are experiencing it.

Google just shared over Twitter that it's "working on it," and thanked those who shared the problem, indicating that maybe it's not a thing in the main Google offices. Breaking News reports the outage started at about 12:30 p.m. EST, but since we're still gchatting away, it's clearly not a universal problem. We'll keep you posted on what's going on.

Update (1:38 p.m. EDT): Google confirmed the outage affected 2 percent of its users. For a bit of perspective, Reuters digital strategist Ross Neumann points out via Twitter that "Even Gmail's 2% outage affects 7,000,000 when you consider it has 350,000,000 users." Larry Page confirmed that 350 million number on Google's Investor Relations blog last week.

Update (1:50 p.m. EDT): Google Apps says it's fixed the problem for some, and should have the rest of its users back online soon. If it's not back up by, let's say 2:15 p.m., we suggest taking Gawker's advice and going home.

Update (1:56 p.m. EDT): Google Apps now says it's got everything fixed. Still unclear what happened.

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