As Expected, Apple Reports Monster Profits

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We kind of knew this was coming because well, it's Apple, but we had also heard how many iPhones all the wireless companies sold this quarter. This afternoon we get the news all nice and bundled together from Cupertino that the company sold 35.1 million iPhones, up 88 percent (!) from one year ago, leading it to shovel in $39.2 billion in revenue.

That iPad product launch about a month ago also helped the company rack in $11.6 billion in profits, with the company selling 11.8 million of those this quarter. Last time Apple reported its monster earnings, it looked like an even bigger monster, considering all that Foxconn dystopia labor camp stuff. But, since, due to Mike Daisey's stretchings of the truth, Apple no longer looks like such a bad guy. No longer can we say they went from monster to monster profits. It's more like, Apple went from tamed, domesticated beast to beastly profits. Or something like that. Even so, they're making lots of money selling iThings. With all those sales, one would think it could give those bored Foxconn workers a raise, no? 

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