Google Nigeria, and Other April Fool's Delights

From YouTube on DVD to Google Nigeria to Charlize Theron's leaked sex tape, we gather the best of today's April Fool's pranks online.

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It being April Fool's Day, we bring you now the best of the gags, pranks and outright lies flying around the internet.

Funny Or Die has rebranded itself Hacked or Die, and features a plethora of videos "hacked" from Charlize Theron's phone, including a sex tape (apparently she leads a very colorful and inclusive sex life), a stalking video, and a faithful recreation of the "Sittin On Tha Toilet" viral video sensation that has racked up close to 60 million YouTube views.

Google, who has a long and storied tradition of mounting elaborate April Fool's Day hoaxes, has launched Google Maps for the 8-bit Nintendo NES. Watch the instructional video below, then try it out yourself by clicking the "Quest" button in the upper-right corner of the Google Maps home page. There is much fun to be had just looking up their 8-bit representations of famous landmarks, some of which have been collected here.

But were that all! Google also chose April 1, 2012 to launch GMail Tap (product page here), which marries Morse Code to their popular e-mail client. Fat fingers? Not to worry: There are only two buttons on the keyboard: One for "." and another for "-".

And yet there's more! Google also debuted Google Racing today, an exciting partnership between the search engine giant and NASCAR, providing "autonomous vehicles" -- or self-driving stock cars (which are real) -- to the popular racing circuit. From a blog post authored by Google co-founder Sergei Brin:

The program remains in its infancy; we’ll surely face numerous testing and competitive hurdles before our first car peels out into a NASCAR race. But I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities. NASCAR’s ambitious technology investments—from driver safety to green initiatives—and the sport’s spirit of challenge, effort and execution all beautifully embody our most deeply held values as a company. ...  I can't imagine a more exciting challenge for our team than to race our autonomous vehicles against their carbon-based competitors.

For good measure, here's a Google Easter Egg: Really Advanced Search. And I'm not sure who is responsible for Google Nigeria (the links at the top of the page take you to, a "speed-networking site" described elsewhere on the web as "LinkedIn meets Chatroulette," which sounds like yet another April Fool's prank!), but it gives new meaning to the term "search engine optimization."

YouTube, meanwhile, has a very special offer for its users: The YouTube Collection puts everything on YouTube on handy DVD, so you can watch and enjoy viral delights like Sittin On Tha Toilet even without an internet connection. Order now!

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