The Way Too Early Complaints About the iPad

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Apple's new iPad has been publicly available to exactly no one yet, but the complaining has already commenced. Apple announced the new gadget two days ago. It let a select few bloggers and event goers touch it. Still, the lack of first-hand experience has not stopped people from coming up with reasons to hate using the thing. Here are the very, very early reasons the new iPad stinks.

Not Fast Enough

Even though those who tested the tablet at the event said it felt faster, it might not be fast enough. At Wednesday's event Apple had claimed its A5X dual core processor was four times faster than competing chip NVIDIA's quad core processor, which runs on tablets by Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Motorola. But some have said that is all hype. "We don’t have the benchmark information," said NVIDIA's Ken Brown. “We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark," he said. "The performance claims are sketchy without more data." 

Does Not Play HD Video Well Enough

Apple has claimed its 4G LTE network will allow for streaming videos off of WiFi networks. The blogger masses have noted two issues with this one. To play all that streaming HD video would take up a lot of expensive data. And, it's not likely that the 4G LTE network would in real life support the speeds needed to play those videos.

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Not International Enough

Though Apple mentioned the iPad would be available in Canada and a Japanese version of Siri (for iPhone 4S, not the new iPad), the 4G iPad will not be compatible with networks outside of the U.S., as AppleInsider points out. It has something to do with the 4G LTE network not aligning with foreign frequencies. "Schiller noted during Wednesday's special event that while 4G LTE bands differ from country to country, they will likely follow the path of 3G and unify at some point," writes Apple Insider's Mikey Campbell. "Until that time, however, Apple will be forced to make separate models to support the different LTE frequencies." 

Not Available Enough

Due to high demand, Apple keeps pushing back shipping dates for the newest tablet. The original March 16 arrival date day has started to slip, noticed The Next Web's Martin Bryant. Right now the site shows some versions won't ship until March 19.

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