The Warmth of Other iPads

Even though tests have now confirmed complaints from batches of iPad owners about the overheating issue, Apple has decided it's a non issue because it still doesn't get too-too hot.

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Is there any aspect of the iPad that's too miniscule for the tech press to pick over? Today, the big gadget news continues to be that the iPad is warm. Not hot. Or scalding. But warm. Like a summer day. After some complaints from owners of the new iPad, there are now some tests that have confirmed that the tablet is indeed warm to the touch. Dimitri Reijerman writes on the Dutch site that a side-by-side test with between the new iPad and the iPad 2 found that the third generation tablet was indeed about 10 degrees Faherenheit warmer than its predecessor. But that puts it at 92.5 degrees, 33.6 degrees Celsius. Apple put out a statement that the new iPad is "within our thermal specifications," which is true. According to its user-manual, the new iPad should not get any warmer than 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 35 degrees Celsius). While some of the anecdotal evidence has made those kinds of temperatures seem scary -- one woman wouldn't let her six year old touch it! -- it's still not anything dangerous. And maybe not even bothersome. "At 33.6 degrees Celsius, the iPhone [iPad] is not too hot to touch, although the warmer housing is very noticeable," continues Reijerman. It's also not enough for the tablet to spontaneously combustnotes Endgadget's Zach Honig.

Apple has certainly had some problems with heat before, especially with its laptops. Apple Forum users have recorded MacBook Pros reaching between 90 and 100 degrees Celsius. (That's between 194 and 212 F.) Those are the types of temperatures that can really hurt someone. Like what happened to this one Apple forum user, who burned her stomach by accident. This writer happens to know a victim of a similar burning incident, who told The Atlantic Wire she got blisters after falling asleep with her MacBook pro on her legs."It burned the shit out of me. I still have scars," she said, but asked to remain anonymous because of the embarrassment.

Update 2:41 p.m.: New tests from Consumer News have recorded even higher iPad temperatures than the folks over at, finding it reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit while running the game Infinity Blade II. Though, that happened with the iPad plugged in -- it only reached 113 while unplugged. That is indeed higher than the recommended 95 degrees, but not as high as MacBooks have gotten. And, it still doesn't sound too-too hot. "When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period," explains Consumer News's Donna L. Tapellini.

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