Obama's Pinterest Is For the Ladies

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Looking at Barack Obama's brand new Pinterest profile, he clearly understands the heavy female demographic on the social networking site. Not all of the president's first few boards cater to women -- there's one dedicated to "facts" -- but among his 8 boards, we found at least four that have stereotypically female things: Obama themed recipes, of which 50 percent are cupcakes, Obama art (currently featuring some pro-Obama nail art), Obama clothing, and one called The First Family. Considering Obama's social media savvy, we assume the campaign started this account with knowledge of the site's 90 percent female demographic. Like the U.S. Army or the NRA, Obama's team probably figures this could be a good way to connect with women, something Bloomberg tells us his campaign is trying to do in light of all the lady troubles the GOP has had.

With this addition, Obama continues his much expected social media conquest. We're surprised the social media obsessed president didn't already have an account. After joining Instagram in January and then Spotify in February, we figured Pinterest would happen sooner, rather than later.  Ann Romney has been on the site since late February, after all. What's next, Obama Campaign? Draw Something?

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