No More 12-Plus Hour Days for Foxconn Workers

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As a result of the independent Fair Labor Association audit of Foxconn factories, workers will no longer work those notorious 12 hour shifts, according to the just released report. The report found that all three facilities it looked at had employees exceeding the FLA Code standard of 60 hours per week, when the Chinese legal limit is 40 hours per week and 36 hours maximum overtime per month. As a result of the audit, Foxconn claims it "will bring working hours in line with the legal limit of 49 hours per week, including overtime," explains the report. That means a reduction in hours of mind-numbing work. Less overtime might anger some workers, who have expressed the desire for more overtime hours, according to Marketplace's Rob Schmitz. But the report claims Foxconn will create a compensation package that "protects workers from losing income due to reduced overtime." 

The audit came as a result of criticism against Apple for labor practices following a spate of media coverage. The full report has other details of how the plants can better serve its employees. The report found "significant issues," but "Apple and its supplier Foxconn have agreed to our prescriptions," including increasing pay explained FLA president Auret van Heerden in the press release.

The full report can be found here.

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