Nick Bilton's Still Celebrating Twitter's Wrong Birthday

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A day too late, Nick Bilton, New York Times tech writer and author of a book called I Live in the Future, sent out a tweet wishing the Twitter gang a happy birthday on an even more wrong day than yesterday. March 21 was already a contested date, as we noted, with Twitter's public debut July 15, acting as another possible birthday-date. We say July 15 is the real day. The Internet still celebrated yesterday. But there is one for sure day that is not Twitter's birthday, Bilton. And that day is today. Yet, Bilton tweeted:

Tweeters did as tweeters does and immediately jumped on Bilton as soon as he wrote that oh-so-wrong tweet. Moments later, Bilton offered the following:

Awkward, indeed. Today it looks like Bilton lives in the past. 

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