The Most Likely of All iPad Rumors

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Compiling a list of the lists of iPad 3 rumors, we get what we think is a pretty good idea of what the tablet will look like. We're generally skeptical of these rumor blogs, since their information come only from unnamed sources and shady reports. But, they are as close as we'll get to the truth when it comes to an Apple product launch, since the company refuses to dole out any sort of details pre-launch—on purpose. Since really anything could come out of today's event extravaganza, we've decided to judge the likelihood of these rumors based on the number of blogs that believe in them. Because: If the bloggers say it, it must be true. Right?

Without a nugget of confirmed truth, in the run up to today's launch, we've seen all sorts of ideas for the next generation iPad, from a new name to an upgraded iOS. We'll only know the real deal when Tim Cook does the big reveal this afternoon. But, until then, we present the likeliest of iPad rumors, from most agreed upon new feature, to least agreed upon feature, compiled from round-ups and blog posts leading up to today's event.  


If blogger chatter is any indication of what to expect, we'll probably get a tablet that has a high resolution retina display, since all but one blog mentioned it as a possibility. We'll maybe see a Siri-powered iPad; and to Gizmodo's chagrin, the iPad will probably still have a home button. But, that's if rumors have any merit, which, as we saw with the iPhone 5 that never was, even the most agreed upon musings can turn out false. 

Once we've got actual information about what the product will look like from the only reliable source (Apple), we'll see how our rumormongers did using our very unscientific grading system. Until then: dream on. 

Update 10:35 a.m.: We've updated the chart to reflect updated predictions, and note that Gizmodo indeed predicted Siri and a camera upgrade. 

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