First Reactions to Apple's New iPad: The Same, but Better

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Kind of like that iPhone 4S announcement a few months back, the newest iPad got decent early reviews, but did not wow anyone. Basically, it looks the same, costs the same and has most of the same features -- check out our live blog for the complete rundown -- but everything just looks and works a bit better. Is that enough, though? It was for the iPhone 4S.

Just looking at it, the new iPad doesn't look any different than iPad 2, noted Business Insider Deputy Editor Nicholas Carlson.

And, it's just what we expected adds Buzzfeed's tech site, @fwd.

Even the name feels ... old, tweeted Gizmodo's Joe Brown.

But, the features are indeed better, especially that Retina display, says Endgadget's Tim Stevens over at their liveblog.

We're seeing zoomed in images to highlight the quality. Naturally what we can see so far looks​ amazing.

Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar seconds that on their liveblog

That's 264 pixels per inch. Which is VERY MANY pixels. 

It's the best out there, says The Week's Chris Gayomali. 

The upgraded camera also makes things show up all pretty, adds Bits Blog's Nick Bilton.

Then again, who wants to use an iPad as a camera, questioned mystery tweeter @amaeryllis.

Also on the image front, iPhoto for iPad is also pretty nice, adds The New York Times' David Pogue.

And, Stevens likes the more powerful A5X chip, but wishes Apple had upped the battery life.

Now we're talking about the quad-core A5X. "It makes everything you do feel real fast and​ smooth."​ But, still 10 hour battery life.

Wired's Tim Carmody likes the sounds of all of this enough to upgrade.

Reuters' Anthony De Rosa disagrees.

The stock market agrees with De Rosa.

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