Comparing iPhones and Burritos Still Makes No Sense

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Last month's debate comparing the iPhone to the Chipotle burrito has resurfaced, this time with GigaOm's Om Malik taking a crack at comparing the two popular hand-helds. Malik adds another bullet point to the "iPhones and burritos are alike" column, noting that Apple's and Chipotle's stocks have had similar upward trajectories, with a chart from YChartsPro to prove it. The Mexican eatery hit a 52 week high making it a "better investment than Apple," explains the post. "So is Chipotle really the Apple of the burrito business?" Malik wonders.. Let's just stop you right there, before you go down that philosophical rabbit hole, Malik. As we discovered, comparing the two objects is well, like comparing Apples to bean and cheese filled oranges. In the end, it's just not a valid comparison. 


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