China Thinks It's Apple's Responsibility to Fix Foxconn

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Not wanting to take full responsibility for the worker abuses happening in his own country, Chinese senior politician Li Keqiang suggested to Apple CEO Tim Cook he thinks the iMaker should be the one to do the fixing. "In a potential nod to some of Apple's hitches in China, Mr. Li said multinational companies should pay more attention to caring for workers," writes the Wall Street Journal's Loretta Chao, explaining the details of today's meeting between Cook and Li.

Li's referencing multinational companies like Apple, who have controversial factories, like Foxconn, all over China. Since the not-so-ideal working conditions got attention a few months ago, Apple has done some clean-up, with a public acknowledgement of the issue and promises of more transparency. Apple, with all its money and power, could probably do more, but these problems go beyond multinationals, as the New York Times' look inside the iEconomy showed. They extend to American consumers, to Chinese labor laws, and to the manufacturing plants themselves. 

Cook arrived in China just a few days ago for his "investment and growth" trip. Meeting with senior official like this signals Apple is "strengthening ties in a market it long neglected," explains Chao. So far Cook's toured Apple Stores and now met with this senior Chinese official. We wonder what's up next. 

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