The Case for the $25 Lightbulb

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Sure $25 is a lot to shell out for a lightbulb, but former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam makes a compelling case for the Philips 12.5 watt ambientLED at The Wirecutter. The drawbacks: It's way expensive, and it won't fit every single kind of lamp (if the shade attaches to the bulb or something), but according to Lam, even at $25 it'll save $1 to $5 a year in electricity and it lasts for 15 to 25 years. More importantly, however, is the look of the light it casts and that, Lam says, is what sells it:

But regardless of taste and situation, I assure you the quality of this bulb is stunning and omnidirectional and you can't tell it's an LED in terms of its quality of hue. I've got one in my Nelson fixture at home. And I'm going to replace every regular bulb in my house with them, right now. (Truthfully, I'm going to get a few and then see how it goes.)

Read his whole review at The Wirecutter.

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