Apple Delivers Its 25 Billionth App (Probably the One with the Birds)

Today, the 25 billionth time-waster has been downloaded from Apple's App Store. Contain your enthusiasm.

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In honor of an as-yet-unidentified user having downloaded the 25 billionth app, Apple has offered a message of "A billion thanks. 25 times over." on its homepage today. (Design note: The message's gradient shading on their signature font makes it look top heavy and therefore mildly whimsical and therefore tacky, like a tagline on a poster for an Ice Age movie.) While their top paid app is Angry Birds, which comes from Finland, their top free app is Facebook, which comes from Silicon Valley -- so indirectly, they are indeed creating American jobs!

And what fabulous prizes does lucky Downloader #25,000,000,000 get to take home with him? How about $10,000?! Fine print: In the form of an App Store gift voucher. The mind reels at how one would even go about spending such a thing, much less what size memory you'd need to store them all. Perhaps the iPhone 5 will come in an 8 Brontobyte option?

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