Thai Police: Bangkok Bombers Targeted Israelis

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Thai police have confirmed that the three Iranian "Bangkok Bombers" were targeting Israeli diplomats, supporting Israel's claim that Iran was behind the attacks. For the past month now, Israel's top security officials have been aggressively warning the international community that Iran has been targeting Israelis since the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Now they have more confirmation.

"Their targets were individuals, Israeli diplomats, not the Thai people," said Thai national police chief Priewpan Damapong in a BBC report. According to The Guardian, an investigation found that the "sticky" bombs employed in the Bangkok explosions used the same type of magnetic strips used in the New Delhi explosion. The Atlantic Wire's John Hudson noted that Israel began blaming Iran for the attacks before the evidence was found and speculation about Iran's involvement had been brewing, but as the BBC notes, Priewpan is the first Thai official to elaborate on the bombers'  targets.

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