Steve Jobs FBI File Confirms He Was a Jerk, Drug User, and Poor Student

The FBI investigation of Steve Jobs affirms everything we already thought we knew about the tech visionary.

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The FBI investigation of Steve Jobs affirms everything we already thought we knew about the tech visionary. Sifting through the document, we find opinions on the man range between two extremes we've heard before, from laudatory to critical. The FBI file also confirms Jobs' infamous (and well-documented) past, including drug use and poor performance at Homestead High, where he earned a 2.65 GPA -- perhaps a result of his psychedelic experimentation?

Steve Jobs was manipulative.

  • Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs' honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals.

Steve Jobs did lots of drugs.

  • Several individuals commented concerning past drug use on the part of Mr. Jobs.
  • Also advised that he was aware that Mr. Jobs used illegal drugs, including marijuana and LSD, while they were attending college.
  • She and the Appointee both experimented with various drugs although she would not be more specific.
  • He had not used any illegal drugs in the past five years, however during the period of approximately 1970-1974 he experimented with marijuana, hashish and LSD.

Steve Jobs abandoned his baby-mama.

  • Mr. Jobs was not supportive of _______ (the mother of his child born out of wedlock) and their daughter; however, recently has become more supportive.
  • Mr. Jobs mistreated them by not supporting them.

Steve Jobs was a jerk.

  • He feels bitter towards and alienated by Mr. Jobs at ACI. He characterized Mr. Jobs as an honest and trustworthy individual, however his moral character is questionable. 
  • When it comes to business there are frequently disagreements and sometimes hard feelings. 

But, like we said, it wasn't all bad.

Steve Jobs was a visionary.

  • an individual of excellent character.
  • an extremely intelligent individual, a true leader.
  • further described appointee as an extraordinary person, who is an excellent business negotiator.

Steve Jobs was not a communist.

  • Mr. Jobs … has no close relatives residing in communist-controlled countries.
  • He was not a member of the communist party

Steve Jobs was not a drug dealer.

  • He never sold any drugs. 

Steve Jobs was healthy.

  • She added that the Appointee is extremely health conscious now and rarely even drinks but will occasionally have wine socially. 
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