Only Four People Showed Up to Protest Apple at Grand Central

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We noted yesterday that the people planning to protest Apple's store in New York's Grand Central Station didn't want to give up their iPhones, they just wanted them produced more humanely. Today we learned they didn't really want to give up their free time, either. Only four people showed up to protest the working conditions at the Foxconn plant Thursday, Gizmodo's Sam Biddle reports. He describes the scene:

Two women from—one dressed as an iPhone, and one holding a large cardboard box, slowly marched up the palatial marble steps at the Apple Store's base. They were joined by Mike Daisey, whose stage work and recent NPR segmenthave churned up interest and outrage regarding the Apple supplier's allegedly suicide-inducing, inhumane labor practices..

Inside their box were a claimed 245,000 signatures asking for an "ethical iPhone"—one manufactured with improved working conditions for the Chinese laborers at Foxconn. A store manager named Ryan took the box, calmly, and handed it off to another employee, who probably threw it in the trash.

Security quickly made everyone with a camera leave.

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