Microsoft Goes Back to the Future with Old New Windows Logo

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Hoping to get some of that early Windows magic back, Microsoft has chosen a logo very similar to its very first Windows icon for its newest operating system. Unlike the waving rainbow window flags of the past, Windows went back to a simple, blue window pane, and a different type face. "Few remember the original Windows logo, yet we found it both refreshing and inspiring in relation to the work we have been doing on the Metro style design visuals. Using simple lines and clear straight forward concept, this logo reminded us of what a great and evocative name we have with 'windows'." explains Sam Mareu on the Windows Blog. Evocative is definitely not a word associated with Windows, which now-a-days feels more like the corporate drone's operating system, compared to Apple's hip funemployed OS series. But, with Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to change that. Expectations for 8 are already high, after developers got their hands on a preview, calling it the OS of the future. Those early whisperings plus this new-old logo might just be the omens Windows needs for success. 

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