MegaUpload Indictment Reveals Site Wasn't That Mega

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Looks like the piracy going on over at file sharing site MegaUpload was less rampant than expected, reveal documents from the site's indictment. "The file-sharing site claimed to have had more than 180 million registered users, but in fact, the document says that Megaupload’s internal databases show that the site had only 66.6 million as of Jan. 19, 2012," according to The Washington Post's Sarah Halzack. "Furthermore, the records reveal that only 5.86 million of these users ever uploaded a file to either or, prosecutors said."

The file-uploading site's numbers may look relatively small, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a good deal of activity from some users. And those who never uploaded a single file, still partook, feeding off of the files of power users like "VV," a user detailed in the indictment. Again, per The Post, "[VV] uploaded approximately 16,950 files to Megaupload’s sites. These items were viewed more than 34 million times." Now that's one mega busy uploader.

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