Meg Whitman's First Full Quarter at HP Didn't Go so Well

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Meg Whitman has yet to prove herself, as Hewlett-Packard's Q1 earnings missed expectations, reporting first quarter net revenue of $30.0 billion, down 7 percent from the prior-year period. Analysts didn't expect HP to do a complete turnaround since Whitman took over the struggling company, predicting a 5 percent decline in revenue. But Whitman even missed that mark. Since taking over, Whitman has made some pivotal decisions for the company, deciding to stay in the PC business and kind-of, sort-of giving up Web OS, a troubled operating system it bought from Palm, which it used in its failed tablets. These big decisions haven't delivered, possibly having more to do with the shrinking popularity of PCs than anything else.

Some good news, though, since Whitman took over: HP's stock has steadily risen over the last few months. Today's earnings report hasn't done too much damage yet apparently: 

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