Mark Zuckerberg Is Dabbling on Pinterest

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Mark Zuckerberg, or someone pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg, has made a profile on Pinterest, another sign of the social media site of the moment's ascendance. Since he works in the social networking game himself, Zuckerberg often puts himself on rival social media platforms -- Twitter, Google+ -- presumably to check out the competition. He generally signs up, posts on occasion and the followers just come. He's Mark Zuckerberg, after all. With all of its impressive page views and favorable press, it looks like Pinterest has gotten Zuckerberg's attention. Good for Pinterest. 

This could, however, be the works of an impostor. It wouldn't be the first high profile person to get a fake Pinterest profile. Last week   "Mitt Romney" joined Pinterest to tout caviar and yachts. Either way, Pinterest should rejoice in any Mark Zuckerberg donning its pinboards. It means relevance and that may be one way for the site to make money.

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