Internet Delights in Facebook IPO Filing's Juicy Details

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Looks like the agonizing, day-long wait for Facebook's IPO was worth it for the Internet, which has gone giddy over all the gems hidden within Facebook's S-1 filing.

So excited, in fact, the SEC website crashed. Mixed in with the anticipated details-- the $5 billion dollar IPO -- the document tells us things we could only speculate before. Just as Zuckerberg had feared, going public has exposed all of Facebook's company secrets. Like these:

Mark Zuckerberg makes a lot of money. For now. With his extravagant vacations, we knew Zuck was making bank. But now we get to find out how much. "Wow that's a chunk of change," tweeted Gizmodo. "Zuck's base salary is $500k. Sandberg's: $300k $FB," tweeted Mashable's Lauren Indivik. But, as CNBC's John Carney notes, that won't last for long.

A la Steve Jobs, Zuck will opt for the dollar-per-year salary. Then again, he still owns a big chunk of the company, points out Reuters's Anthony De Rosa. 

It's fun to look at all the ways Facebook can fail. Lots are taking delight in reading the risks section of the IPO. 

And, surprise, looks like a lot of it has to do with privacy.

All about the friendships? Not really. In the filing, Facebook confirmed over 800 million users. That's all that matters right?

Well, we bet Facebook cares about this kind of money a little bit.

Facebook sure does rely on Zynga. When Zynga filed its IPO, investors and bloggers worried that it depended too much on Zynga. But turns out the two have a symbiotic relationship, with Facebook getting 12% of its revenue from Zynga. "We need them," tweeted Mashable's Lauren Indivik. That might not be such a good thing, notes De Rosa.

And they got that hip ticker symbol. As IPO rumors escalated, many wondered which symbol Facebook would get, with FACE already taken. Even though traditional stocks had either 3 or 4 letters, Facebook has gone for a stylish two, as editor-in-chief Evan Hansen notes. 

To go with a hip signature? 

Regret? With all the cash flowing in, why ruin a good thing? 

Excitement! Zuck's Sister Randy's happy about the news. "YAY!!!" she tweeted

Sadness. Humorous Twitter feed @PourMeCoffee can think of at least one crushed party in this whole ordeal. 

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