The Inevitable Tumblrization of Pinterest

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Beyond "girly" pinboards showcasing the latest fashion trends, there's a silly side to Pinterest, which has taken a few notes from the Internet's silliest platform, Tumblr. Specifically, we're talking the art of the single-serving site -- Tumblr's mark on the Internet. Thanks to its easy-to-use, easy-to-view format, Tumblr has birthed this beautiful genre, which provides a Tumblr for every meme and new Tumblrs for all of its meme offspring.

Now, as Pinterest grows, attracting more than just Midwestern wives-to-be, the network's getting the same single-serving treatment. 

Easier to use and prettier to view than Tumblr, Pinterest makes an even better venue for creating and viewing these kind of sites. To be clear: we mean sites that have a single theme. Like: Kim Jong Il looking at things or Downton Abbey scenes described with Beyoncé lyrics. Pinterest, too, can act as a home for these memes, as The New York Times' Kevin Roose shows via his two single-serving Pinboard creations: Traders With Two Phones (pictured above) and Warren Buffett Doing Folksy Things. Unlike our favorite single-serving Tumblrs, which often involve lots of scrolling due to Tumblr's blog-roll design, Pinterest lays it all out on one neat page. And with the "pin it" bookmark button, making one of these is easy-peasy. 

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As easy and pretty as these sites are, the Tumblrification process hasn't reached completion quite yet. Beyond Roose's creations, we didn't find any other cheeky single-serving sites, like the ones we would browse on Tumblr, probably because each pinboard is pretty much a single-serving site without the jokey conceit. And, some of them look very Tumblr-esque. Take this deluge of Ryan Gosling boards. So focused! Yet none of them has the specificity as, say, Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling. But with Roose's boards as examples, we bet those will come along in no time. HeyGirl, start pinning.

Update 5:15 p.m.: The Tumblrization has spread! We discovered a single-serving site from someone other than Roose. Celebrities Surprised at Awards Shows! brought to us by The Wall Street Journal's Katie Rosman. It's happening.  

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