Apple CEO Is Sure You Will Hate Your Cheap Non-Apple Tablet

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Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at a Goldman Sachs technology conference today, and he had some pretty strong opinions on cheaper tablet alternatives to the iPad. Fast Company's Austin Carr writes that Cook was asked whether cheaper tablets would take away from the iPad's market share, and Cook responded:

"Price is rarely the most important thing," he said. "A cheap product might sell some units ... [Consumers] feel great when they pay from their wallet. And then they get it home and use it, and the joy is gone."

"The joy is gone every day they use it -- until they're not using it anymore!" Cook said, his voice rising high. "You don't keep remembering, 'Oh, I got a deal.' Because you hate it!"

While it's fun to see Cook showing some personality, he's not exactly giving some of those "cheaper alternatives" a fair shake. As we noted when it debuted, the Kindle Fire probably isn't an iPad killer. Still, we doubt people sit at home shaking their fists in the air, ruing the day they ever purchased one. Still, it's his competitor, so you can't blame him for getting a little competitive. 
Cook also addressed the controversy over Apple's suppliers and their sub-par working conditions, reiterating past statements that Apple is taking steps to improve working conditions, and noting that “If we find a supplier that intentionally hires under-aged labor, it’s a firing offense,” he said. “We don’t let anyone cut corners on safety.”

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