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The Consumer Electronics Show attracts a particularly nerdy audience, but it is its booth professionals -- we've opted to adopt this less patronizing term pioneered by car blog Jalopnik -- that gives us insight into the bizarre fantasies of the tech obsessed among us. Less silicone filled and more Star Trek. As expected, Trekkie's have interesting fantasies. 

Not all gadget enthusiasts have the same ideal woman-with-gadget dream, so our booth professionals fall into a few categories. First we have the Vegas showgirl with distracting flourish, as you can see below. (Images via Business Insider and Flickr.) We have two women with over the top plumes flanking our life size cupcake. This look is for a technophile who likes his women like his bling phones: glitzy. 

Then, we have the sex-pot meets girl-next-door booth professionals. These women wear what men wish women chose as "regular clothing," but sex up their look with extensions, fake tans and layers of make-up. These are for iPhone types: sleek, sexy, and can bring home to mom. 

And then, for the out-of-place frat dudes, we have Snooki, who is at the show promoting her new line of headphones for iHip. Shes' for the type of man who likes his women and gadgets like Snooki's iHip headphones: rhinestoned

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