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Now that the latest string of iPad 3 rumors has graduated from the fanboy blogs up to a global news site, we're starting to get pretty excited about the new features that are being touted for Apple's next tablet. Three Bloomberg reporters talked "to three people familiar with the product" -- so many threes, is it a secret message from Steve Jobs? -- and stitched together a trustworthy-looking report about what the next magic gadget will look like. Long story short, the new iPad sounds like it will be a media machine, super-charged for doing everything from watching movies to making movies. Let's answer your frequently asked questions:

Will it have a sharper screen? 
Yep. A full-on Retina display, for winning over the movie nerds and Photoshop addicts.

Will it have a faster processor?
Yep. And thanks to Apple's increasingly contentious relationship with Samsung, makers of the new currently in the iPad 2, the new  "quad-core chip" will probably come from a new manufacturer. The iPad itself, Bloomberg says, will come from Foxconn. We hear pretty awful things about how Foxconn treats their workers.

Will it be really expensive?
Yep. It's an Apple product, guys. The bright side is that the iPad 2 and original iPad -- a caveman of a tablet at this point -- will probably get a price cut. 

Will it help college students get more work done?
Nope. Even though Apple wants to get into the textbook business, this thing sounds like the world's perfect procrastination machine.

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