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In your meta news clip of the day, Mitt Romney appeared on NBC and indicated that his lawyers will in fact talk with NBC about that Tom Brokaw ad that aired first Friday. "We'll sit down with the lawyers, talk to the folks at NBC, and make a decision on that front," Romney told the Today show's Matt Lauer when asked if he would pull the TV spot heavily featuring a 1997 Tom Brokaw newscast about Newt Gingrich. What Romney said on Today sounded a bit more unsure than the Romney staffer who over the weekend said the campaign would not be taking down the ad. And despite Brokaw registering his unease with his image being used so extensively in the ad, the law seems to be on Romney's side. Which suggests not much will come from whatever meeting happens with NBC's legal department, which should realize that even if Romney took the spot off the TV airwaves, it will still exist on the Internet forever.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article said that Mitt Romney will meet with NBC. His campaign has clarified that Romney's lawyers, not the candidate himself, will be meeting with the network. Apologies for the error.

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