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As news emerged that the Obamas will honor Steve Jobs by inviting his wife Laurene Powell Jobs to sit with the First Lady during the State of the Union address, The Guardian's technology editor Charles Authur rolled out a simple timeline tracking the history of the smartphone. Unsurprisingly, the first date on the list is January 2007 when Steve Jobs first pulled an iPhone out of his pocket during an Apple keynote address, introducing the touchscreen, do-it-all device to the world. It's been just over five years since then, but if you take Arthur's point-of-view to heart -- it's worth noting that Arthur also identifies Apple as the frontrunner in the "Battle of the Smartphones" -- you'll realize just how dependent the rest of the mobile industry, including both smartphones and tablets, has been on Jobs's vision. It's not because more advanced technology is lacking in wow-power, either. Pretty soon, we won't just be talking about how the iPhone changed the gadget industry, though. It looks like it's going to change everything.

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