Google Psyche: 'How Do ...'

Great moments in Autocomplete, courtesy of Google search and collective consciousness 


They've got to be among the most common questions in the language -- in any language. "How do I ___?" "How do you ___?" "How do we ___?" So it's fitting that, on Google, the search for adverbial guidance reflects topics of nicely human universality: love, health, insecurity, poetry. 

What's striking, though, is how many searches also reflect a desire to understand the growing human universality that is technology. Life's classic questions are finding new expression, and new direction, in the digital world. And especially in Skyrim

googlepsyche_150 copy.jpg

Google Psyche is an exploration of the stories that the world's Internet searches tell. The company's autocomplete algorithm predicts the word a random web searcher is most likely to type next, providing a statistical probe for our collective consciousness.