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When Gabrielle Giffords took a Tuscon stage Sunday evening to lead the Pledge of Allegiance after a somber day of memorials, she flashed a huge smile that clearly raised spirits and showed she was recovering well. Most of the day's events to mark a year since a gunman shot 18 people at a Giffords constituent meeting, killing six and hitting Giffords in the head, were somber affairs. But the audience at Sunday's evening event erupted in raucous cheers for Giffords after she led the pledge, emphasizing the words "liberty" and "justice for all." She still needs help to walk, but Giffords stood with poise and spoke clearly, supported by her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly. It was really sweet to watch, even as the coverage surrounding the shooting's anniversary has been a bit bleak, such as this NPR report on the lack of political civility that Jezebel called "depressing." Even if you haven't done the pledge since grade school, the video's worth watching.

Gabrielle Giffords Attends Candlelight Vigil:



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