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Instead of accepting the not-very-convincing "he's too big and fat to pass through customs" theory, a New Zealand court has sided with prosecutors and ordered Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom to be held in custody while facing charges of money laundering and piracyDotcom's lawyer Paul Davison had argued that Dotcom's distinctive appearance (6'6" and over 285-pounds reportedly) was a reason to let him remain free. But prosecutor Anne Toohey pointed to Dotcom's massive fortune, the 45 credit cards found at his compound when he was arrrested (Davison rebutted, “My client collects them. Most of them are out of date”), his three passports, and Dotcom's history of fleeing criminal charges. Of course, the way in which Dotcom was apprehended (armed with a shotgun no less, the The Wall Street Journal notes), doesn't really suggest a person who is willing to peacefully meet with police if they ask. As The New York Times noted, "The police cut their way into a safe room where Mr. Dotcom had barricaded himself. He had retreated there because, according to Mr. Davison, his lawyer, he was frightened and panicked."

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