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Now that our hip President has joined Instagram, we have some guesses for the next up-and-coming social media frontiers that the Obama 2012 campaign will try out to spread the Obama word. Last night, barackobama posted his first photo (above) to the hip -- yet popular -- photo sharing site, of himself, the President speaking at the Iowa Caucuses. This latest foray into new tech comes just a few months after the president started a Tumblr and he's been all up on Facebook and Twitter for years, proving all the 20-somethings running his campaign are willing to experiment with fun Internet social sites -- so long as the hipster masses have indoctrinated them first. 


With its second iteration, the micro-social network has started to grow enough to deign the attention of a president. After its relaunch the site saw its daily user base grow 30 times in just a few weeks. What started out as a photo sharing site for a small circle of 50 friends, has evolved into an everything sharing site for a group of 150 people. Obama might not see the utility in a network with a mere 150 people in it -- his Instagram has over 13,000 followers as of this morning. But every vote counts, right? 


Considering certain worker bees listen to music in their cubes all day long, it's about time Obama got into the music scene. This startup doesn't exactly have the reach of other music sites -- yet -- but just yesterday it nabbed a $50 million round of funding, proving it's worth something. The site allows anyone to upload and share sounds with the world: What a hip way to spread the word!


A little more mainstream than Soundcloud, since its US launch, it has done well for itself, attracting 1.4 million American and at least 400,000 paying subscribers since mid-September. It's not exactly a social network like Twitter or Facebook, but with its connection to Facebook and playlist sharing features, it connects people. Again, we think the Obama campaign could make some fun playlists that potential voters will jam out to throughout the day, possibly inserting some subliminal messages? 


For Obama's twee demographic, we see Pinterest in his campaign's future. The site lets anyone share "beautiful things" found on the web via a virtual pinboard. A vague proposal, Pinterest suggests users employ it for wedding planning or to save recipes. We bet beautiful Obama-related found items would do the trick. After two years TechCrunch has dubbed the site "viral," with a 4,000 percent traffic increase in six months, meaning it's just about time for the Obama campaign to jump on this social media trend. 

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