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Not the first time the company has cracked down on a Steve Jobs action figure, Apple has taken legal action again the most recent eerily life-like collectible figurine of their late CEO. Apple has threatened to sue manufacturer In Icons if the company doesn't stop trading the doll, reports The Telegraph. Apple claims it owns the rights to Steve Jobs's likeness and has shown it will take on any offending figurine crafters. 

This toy got some Internet love earlier in the week for being the most realistic, in an almost creepy way, of the former Apple CEO. It comes with his signature New Balance shoes and even has special detachable arms for putting Jobs in his classic poses. But an action figure doesn't have to have a particular likeness for Apple to crack down. Apple threatened MIC Gadget's goofy offering, forcing it to take down its e-Bay auction page. Our current offender isn't set to come out until February. But it has started trading on eBay for $224.99, $150 more than the planned $99 retail price. 

Apple claims it has rights to anything that resembles the company logo, appearance or likeness of its products. That anything would extend to figurines. But shouldn't it also apply to Apple's products? Apple hasn't stopped the massive fake Apple store racket happening in China. Chinese officials had some success closing two of the fronts filled with products that so much resembled iThings that Apple's own employees couldn't tell the difference. But that had nothing to do with Apple. The stores didn't have proper business permits. Apple, though, has gotten itself into patent lawsuits with Samsung similar looking gadgets. But Samsung's not the only product design copy-cat. We guess since Apple can't control the mass replication of its products, manifests its in action figure crack downs? 

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