Apple Has Big Plans For Siri to Take Over our Lives

Apple has filed a patent for its iPhone bot, securing its ownership of the popular feature while revealing the company's lofty plans for Siri's future.

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The patent office has made public Apple's patent for its iPhone bot, revealing to us some of the company's lofty plans for Siri's future. And looks like Apple has big plans to make us even more dependent on our digital friend. When released, reviewers called Siri the best part of the new iPhone and the personal assistant got a lot of credit for Apple's bonanza sales. Now that Siri's a bona-fide success, we have no doubt Apple will tweak the bot to do even more when it releases that fabled iPhone 5.

Siri will do your E-shopping. As of right now, iPhone owners can't make purchases via Siri. The bot will suggest some Best Buy items, but, one can't access iTunes and binge on Downton Abbey episodes. It's not like Apple didn't think of this genius idea, they just haven't implemented it yet, as the patent specifically mentions "E-commerce (including online purchases of items such as books, DVDs, music, and the like)," as a part of Siri's functionality in the application. That sounds like a particularly good idea for Apple, since Amazon's having such a ball with their shopping machine.

Siri will make decisions for you. As of now, when asked for Chinese food recommendations in the area, Siri gives a list of nearby restaurants. But for the truly indecisive that's not enough. Siri 2.0 will go a step further, picking out the option best for the iPhone holder.

Further, at least one intelligent automated assistant system embodiment disclosed herein may be configured or designed to include functionality for identifying, generating, and/or providing personalized recommendations for activities, products, services, source of entertainment, time management, or any other kind of recommendation service that benefits from an interactive dialog in natural language and automated access to data and services.

"Personalized recommendations!" That sounds like planner's bliss.

Siri will unlock doors and pour beers and control thermostats for you. Some eager hackers have already beat Apple to this, but imagine a bot that operates real-life, non-digital devices remotely. Apple has. From the patent application: "and operating devices locally or remotely (e.g., dialing telephones, controlling light and temperature, controlling home security devices, playing music or video, etc.)."

Siri will go to the ATM for you. Perhaps this is an allusion to a mobile payment sort of deal, but Apple specifically mentions "automated teller machines" as something for which the patent says Siri will "provide assistance."

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