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In case you needed more evidence of the BlackBerry plummet from relevancy or that iPhones are winning the smartphone war, a thief has been mugging Columbia's students and has, sadly, been handing back their lame BlackBerrys. DNAinfo reports:

The frightened student immediately took out his phone and handed it over. But it was a BlackBerry.

The thief looked at it and immediately handed it back.

"I want iPhones," he snarled, according to a source.

Then another student suddenly appeared in the hallway. The gunman pointed his weapon at him and demanded his iPhone.

That student immediately pulled out his phone and handed it over. It, too, was a BlackBerry.

"Once again the suspect handed it back when he saw it was not actually an iPhone," according to a police report.

The suspect fled empty handed.

And that's got to be one awkward situation--the moment you realize your phone isn't worthy of robbing. Perhaps he wasn't enticed by the sad reports of RIM destroying itself and this is the trickle-down effect at a grass-roots level. Or maybe he wasn't convinced by their recent music offering the way he was with Spotify or iTunes.  Hmmm, no. But perhaps there are silver linings to owning an unwanted BlackBerry--like not having to be worried about being robbed, or maybe investing in a stick-up BlackBerry will keep your Siri safe. And maybe all those students at Columbia (seriously, what's the deal with all their BlackBerrys) have already figured it out. Or not.

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