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In a brilliant (and frightening) display of our current holiday spirit, writer Jon Hendren spent his Christmas night re-tweeting anyone who complained about not getting — or worse, getting and not being happy about — expensive unneeded gadgets. Hendren, a.k.a. @fart, (you have to admire the foresight needed to snag that handle) dug up a litany of complaints from Twitter users who didn't get iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and even cars, then cursed Santa or their family members for failing to provide. 

One is upset that they got an iPod Nano when they wanted a iPod touch. Others were furious that their iPad 2 was the wrong color. Some were actually expecting a car with a big red bow on it, like those Lexus commercials. All had their Christmas ruined by inconsiderate gift givers.

Sure, some of these tweeters probably thought they were being funny or ironic, but the idea that anyone doesn't see the problem with publicly complaining that they didn't get an expensive yet totally unnecessary consumer gadget — and we're sure that some of them totally don't see the problem with that — says something disturbing about our obsessions with adult toys. In summary, life is hard.

Like "Damn You, Autocorrect" or "Texts From Last Night" it doesn't really matter to most people whether it's real or not. It could be (it probably is) and that's enough. 


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