Identifying Someone Based on Their Taste in Music

Is it possible to identify someone looking only at their iPod? The Washington Post thinks so.

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After discovering an abandoned iPod, The Washington Post's Ryan Kellett has put out a call for the Internet to figure out the owner of said device based on its songs. Kellett: We accept your challenge.

Along with the entire library, Kellet has given us the following clues:

* The song “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult from the album “Blue Öyster Cult: Super Hits” is the most recently added song to the iPod. It was added 11/24/11 18:58.

* The first song added was “Just a Little Hole” by Beth Hart from the album “Screaming for my Supper.” It was added 8/6/06 9:00.

* The playlist includes the entire albums of: G. Love’s “Fixin’ to Die”; two Cake albums “Fashion Nugget (Deluxe Version)” and

“Comfort Eagle”; Adele’s “21”; Beth Hart’s “Leave the Light On”; Brandon Flowers’ “Flamingo”; Macy Gray’s “The Trouble with Being Myself”; MIKA’s “Life in Cartoon Motion”; Pat Benatar’s “Greatest Hits,”Robert Plant’s “Band of Joy”; Stevie Nick’s “In Your Dreams (Deluxe Version),”; The Black Keys’ “Brothers;” two Train albums “For Me, It’s You” and “The Definitive Collection”; and Van Morrison’s “Super Hits.”

* The most popular genre on the iPod is Rock with over 220 songs.

* The longest song is 11:44 — “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys” by Traffic from the album “The Definitive Collection.”

* The shortest song is “Race Car Ya Yas” by Cake clocking in at 1:21.

Here are our judgmental and totally stereotypical guesses:

A Jezebel Commenter

Judging from this person's taste in inspirational female singers -- Florence and the Machine, Adele, Beth Hart -- the owner of said iPod not only likes surrounding his or herself with lady voices, but would be the type of person to rally behind American Apparel's plus-size models, pro-choice causes and reproductive health.

A Sub-Par Thief

This person partakes in music piracy and isn't very good at it. We noted three versions of the same Jackson 5 song; two versions of a different-same Jackson 5 song; and just one Glee song. They also dropped the iPod they stole from that Jezebel commenter.

Not a Minor

Few high school students, would have loaded what Spotify calls the thinking man's heavy metal as their most recent mp3 track. And how many 13 year olds circa 2006 are into Beth Hart, a woman who rose to fame after her song debuted on the finale on (the original) Beverly Hills 90210.

Definitely Not a Gay Man 

Put the Queen and Pat Benetar aside, there is only one Glee song on there. And though there is one B52s track, it's not Roam.

All jokes aside, there is some science behind this stuff. Kellett's commenters have offered their services. But apparently haven't quite identified the man or woman behind the iPod. Kellett told us he hasn't had any luck yet. Maybe you can figure it out? Let us know in the comments.

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